Corporate Events

Never underestimate the value of professional and first-class entertainment to boost employee morale and to show your clients just how important they are! Impress them by making the most out of your next corporate event or party!

Jeff offers free consultation so you can work with him to create a customized program for your next event. Collaborate with him so the theme of your event can be incorporated into the show, or if you rather, leave it to Jeff to surprise you with some of his own signature and world-class routines! Either way, Jeff will add value and give you that edge that has been missing in your other events all this time!

Private Parties

Jeff has also performed regularly at restaurants, bars and clubs, wedding receptions, and other private parties. He knows what it takes to make your party truly memorable and stand out from the rest! Make sure you make him an addition to your next party and treat your family and friends to some unforgettable magic! Your guests will thank you after the show for such a wonderful celebration!

Close-up Strolling Magic

This is the perfect option for cocktail hours and hospitality suites! Circulating throughout the party, Jeff introduces himself to small groups and performs amazing sleight-of-hand, and unexplainable miracles!

Your guests will be astounded by Jeff’s world-class close-up magic and mind-reading abilities, and delighted by his sense of humor and charm. This is a great icebreaker to get everyone talking and set an enjoyable tone for your event!

Stand-up Show

Jeff presents a professional, fun and upbeat show that will keep audiences laughing and gasping in amazement from the start to the end! With experience in handling crowds ranging in size from 50 to 1,000 people, the show is custom designed for today’s sophisticated corporate audience; highly interactive, blending magic with unbelievable mind-reading and a wholesome sense of humor!

For an intriguing experience like none other, this is the perfect choice! The audience is actively involved throughout the entire performance and gets to feel like the stars of the show! The perfect way to open or close your next important event!