Recent Corporate Clients


What Recent Clients Are Saying

“When it comes to entertaining with intrigue, Jeff can certainly bedazzle you with his ‘Smooth Operator Style’ of magic!”
Bonnae Gokson, Founder – SEVVA

“The power of magic entertains even the most successful entertainers in the entertainment business! You rock Jeff, I’m proud of you!”
Alex To, Singer & Actor

“Absolutely mind-blowing!”
Joyce Lee, Singer & Songwriter

“I have been privileged to meet only a few real magicians in my lifetime and Jeff Teo is one of the best in the world! Hong Kong is lucky to have him. He is the real thing!”
Howard McCrary, Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, Producer, & Musician

“I just want to tell you how much I had enjoyed your magical performances when we last met! That was something extraordinary and I wished I could see more of your breath-taking performances in future!”
Francis Tiong, Group CEO & Executive Director – Ming Pao Daily News

“What a Star magician!”
Billy Chu, Executive Diector – On Stage Events and Communications Ltd.

“Your magic performance is one of the most outstanding ones and is really impressive!”
Rosemary Yu, Sales Director – Moët Hennessy Diageo

“I can’t get my eyes off your performance, sensational & impressive!”
Paul Kwok, General Manager – Grand Hyatt

“Jeff was recommended by a good friend and it was the right decision to hire him! I’ve seen a lot of different magicians in my career. He is professional, friendly with the guests and so quick you can’t believe!”
Noel Furrer, Executive Manager – China Rouge Private Club, Galaxy Macau

“You are the best magician I have seen after David Copperfield in live.”
Carol Chik, Assistant Vice President – Barclays